Remember that book that I was writing?  You can read the first half for free here. 

Remember that book that I was writing?  You can read the first half for free here

We are meant to steward and rule over creation and God rules and stewards over us. When we rebel, creation rebels and pins itself against us, reminding us of what truly sustains us.

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Nestled Between This Life & Another

I find this happening most when I take to literature. My leisure & often sporadic moments of reading eventually find for themselves giant & all consuming bodies with the simple, specific goal of making a meal out of me. In one moment, I am a somewhat rebellious adherent to modernity. In the next, resistance raptures me. I detest what has become of this world and who I have made myself to be. My behaviors disgust me. My choices in language, music, and hobby humiliate me. And yet, it is here that I feel closest to my true self.

I call to question theological matters that seek to trap my mind and suffocate my imagination. God breaks free from the shackles I have fashioned for Him. The Creator of the Universe transgresses Calvinism & the notion that our 1st Century forefathers possessed some divine understanding that I myself am incapable of. Christ Jesus is most welcome here. It is not that he was unwelcome before, but that He now has the sort of full and free reign that He has desired to have in me all along. No longer a simple counselor to my heart, His life now seems to migrate into & become my own. It is in this life that unity with the Divine makes the most sense. It may be because knowledge is exchanged for experience.

It is here that I wish to stay. It is here that I always find myself departing from.

If you aren’t listening to this album, you’re sleeping! Check out ‘The First Missionary’ on The Last Missionary by Stephen the Levite.

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mrjessephillips said: Thanks for sharing about Transformation Church. Have you thought of making amends to specific people? You are a champion.

Thanks, Jesse. I already have, actually!

Coming very soon!

Coming very soon!

An Open Letter to Transformation Church

In 2010, without the counsel of sound elders, I left the church that I was attending to begin a church of my own.  At the time, I felt that God was placing this desire in my heart to put into effect immediately.  Without hesitation, I saved up what money that I could and renovated a room in my home that I would use to hold the services. I called it Transformation Church.  Our mission was to “Live|Christ.”  Theologically speaking, it wasn’t exactly a bad principle.  Growing in the likeness of Jesus is very much a major part of the Christian life.  At the point that I birthed this ministry, however, I did not have a firm grasp on what it meant to grow in that likeness.  I was a 23 year old kid masquerading around like a mature Christian (1Timothy & Titus map out eldership & I did not fit the mold whatsoever).

We began holding services on a Thursday night in the Summer of 2012. I would brew coffee and deliver a message to a handful of faithful members.  I was beyond excited.  In my mind, I was on my way to becoming a Christian celebrity like Andy Stanley and Mark Driscoll.  I was confident that what I had was something that needed to be heard by everyone.  We built a website, made podcasts and streamed our gatherings to expand our potential.  Little did I know at the time, I was terribly wrong about what the Church was supposed to look like and be.  Oftentimes, my human ego made its way into my sermons.  I got cocky but saw myself as humble.  I hurt lots of feelings.  My lack of wisdom created unnecessary division in Christ’s body.  It is very likely that there are people out there today who have a very skewed and warped perception of Jesus as a result of things that I said or the way that I lived.  I was not an elder.  Many decisions that I made and habits that I developed in my life away from leading a growing church were nothing short of evil.  At the time, I was dating a woman who I thought that I would one day marry.  I failed to guard her heart and broke it.  By God’s grace, I met the love of my life through this experience, but even she was negatively affected.  God has done a great work in restoring me so that I can be the husband that she needs for me to be.  He has since mended the wounds that I selfishly caused.  I am forever grateful for that.

As we continued having services, we became the church for people who hated church.  At this point, I hated church.  I was filled with great angst towards it.  I wrongly reprimanded our people week after week based solely on what I felt, not what God actually wanted to say.  No matter what corrective measures I took, Transformation Church was a sinking ship.  I eventually let it fully submerge without telling anyone.  We dismantled and I have not seen many of our members since.  I owe you all a great apology.  I took on a role that I was not ready for.  I did not care after you as well as you deserve(d).  I also said some very hateful things in my lack of maturity that I regret.  You know who you are.  

I went through a lot to get to the point where I could say these things to you.  I am still pained by my doings… the hurt I caused… the division… the tainting.  The Lord knew me even in all of that.  He has done a redemptive work in me.  I am married to one wife.  She and I are growing together in a local church.  As the Holy Spirit leads me, I am growing in the knowledge and likeness of Christ daily.  I still bump my head, but I have been grounded in ways that I could never imagine.  I hope that I can one day have your forgiveness.  I understand if you are unable to right now. My thoughts and prayers are with each of you.  I miss you.  I love you. Every. Last. Person.


Anthony Fisher